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Installation Instructions Rack



7326 Ambrosia Rd, Rancho Cucamonga, CA. 91730

Phone: (909) 996 - 5855






Parts Included:                                                                                 Items Needed:

1 – Luggage Rack                                                                           3/8 Allen Wrench

2 – Back Long Straps with Felt fastened by Velcro                         11/16 Wrench

2 – Front Short Straps with Felt fastened by Velcro

4 – 3/8 Inch Allen Bolts (Standard Bolts for Silver Racks)

4 – 11/16 Inch Nuts



The luggage rack for the C6/C5 Corvette Convertible is an aftermarket product. The Buyer assumes all risks to the trunk lid and car body: paint scratches, chips, cracks, etc.


NOTE:  Effort has been made so that you can put your convertible top up and down with the luggage rack installed. Due to numerous variables, there is no guarantee implied or otherwise that the convertible top can go up or down with the luggage rack mounted. Once installed, the Tonneau Cover may hit the front luggage rack straps when you put the top up and down. If the Tonneau Cover stops going up or down, stop immediately or you may damage your Cover and top motor.  


1.    Clean Trunk Lid of any dirt, dust or debris. Highly Recommended there is a coat of wax on the trunk lid surface prior to mounting the Luggage Rack.


2.    Examine Luggage Rack and look at the posts that protrude from the tubing. The top of the Luggage Rack will have the post going down in a slight angle.


3.    Install Long Straps to Luggage Rack by positioning over posts and use one Allen Bolt and nut on each back side of rack. 


4.    Insert Allen Bolt to the front side of the rack through the Long Strap opening. Do not use the nut to tighten.


5.    Make sure Felt is clean of any debris before placing on Trunk Lid.


6.    Open Trunk. If by yourself then use something like a box in your cargo space to keep the trunk open at roughly a 40 degree angle.


7.    Line up the rack on your trunk lid by placing the Luggage Rack on the trunk lid so that the tubes that have the posts on them are lined up with the inner edge of the inner brake lights that are closest to the Corvette Emblem.  Important that the rack is centered.  Measure both sides of the rack to the outside of the edge of the trunk lid from left and then to right so that the dimensions are as close as possible.


8.    Once centered, push the Rack forward so as to seed the back rack clips to the trunk.


9.    Take one of the front straps and dip the part that has the hole in the post just under the front tube.  Slide the clip over the edge of the trunk lid and then pull backwards and mount the strap to the Allen Bolt. Take a Nut and hand tighten on the Allen Bolt. Make sure the strap is straight with the rear straps before tightening. Do the same for the other side. When new, the rack may sit up a little bit from the Trunk Lid and you may have to push down a little to slide the front straps over the Allen Bolt. Over time, the Foam Padding may conform to the trunk lid.


10.  Now that the rack is on, tighten the nuts a couple of more turns. DO NOT OVER TIGHTEN. If you over tighten then the front of the trunk lid will bow up.


11. During the break-in period of when you first put the rack on check to make sure the front nuts are secure from time to time.


If any questions occur prior or during installation, please contact, Bill Kosan, at 909-996-5855. Note: Care must be taken when mounting the Luggage Rack to your car. It is a good idea to clean the Trunk Lid and Protective Cloth on the straps of any particles prior to installation.